At ParentScope, we strive to provide you with the easiest to use, most functional co-parenting communication tools available.

We are constantly looking in to new features and technology. As family law professionals, we have used other systems and recognized what does and doesn’t work; we know what the courts look for when holding parents accountable; and, most importantly, we are helping you look out for your child’s best interests.

The more you use ParentScope, the more you will understand why we have converted our passion for helping families in to a long-term solution for easing the struggles of co-parenting. Some of these solutions include:




ParentScope provides a one-stop database when you need to know information about your child. Quickly access and share information about your child’s school, including their teacher’s contact information. Doctor, dentist, pharmacist, and insurance information can be shared in seconds. Also, you can share your emergency contact information with the other parent and upload easy-to-access copies of your recent court orders.





Need to know exactly when your parenting time is? Want to trade weekends with the other parent? How about that vacation you want to take? Using your court order, ParentScope shows you, in color-coded simplicity, what days you have custody of your child. It gives you unique tools on managing your timeshare. Trade custodial days, add important events, and schedule vacations with ease—ParentScope’s synced calendar has revolutionized the logistics of parenting.





We know communicating about your child is important and should not feel like a business transaction. Other programs use email-like threads with confusing subject sorting, making it nearly impossible to save a chronological stream of messages. When those other programs got difficult for parents, they would simply stop using them. ParentScope fixed that problem and made communication feel more natural. Now, you can send text, photos, and videos using a familiar messaging system.




Co-parenting naturally requires splitting the bill when it comes to child expenses. Simply upload your receipt and enter some basic information, and your co-parent will be notified immediately of their reimbursement obligation. Based on your court order, your co-parent will know exactly what they owe and when the payment is due. If there is an issue with an expense owed, the charge can be easily contested right from ParentScope. When it comes time to pay, uploading a copy of your payment and closing the expense is quick and easy. We are even working on ways to pay your share of expenses right through ParentScope. Those days of uncomfortable interactions and mailing checks will soon be a thing of the past!




Information and sharing is great, but what do you do when you need it for court? With calendaring, messaging, and expenses, you can generate a detailed report showing all of the exchanges and relevant data. Save and print the report as a PDF file, or quickly email it to your attorney. We have spent years in front of judges and know exactly what they need to hold your co-parent accountable; and we have built that information right in to your reports!