About Us

We understand both the need for parents to work together and what courts need to keep focus on a child’s best interest.

We have spent years advising parents to use other communication programs and have heard their complaints first-hand. These programs were difficult to use, they used communication formats that were too formal, the interface was hard to navigate, and parents would simply quit using them after a few months. Some of these programs offered the benefit of attorney access, but attorneys rarely used them and parents wanted to avoid incurring additional attorney’s fees. These programs had good intentions, but the execution was lacking.

So, we set out to make communication simpler for parents.

We put years in to designing and building a user-friendly system that would encourage co-parenting in familiar formats. We created easy-to-read reports that could be generated on-demand and provided to lawyers and judges with certain accuracy, all without causing parents to run up additional costs. We overhauled calendaring systems so parents could easily manage their parenting time and communicate scheduled changes with just a few clicks. We developed a way to manage expenses that accurately informed parents of their obligations and provided the courts with accurate record keeping.

We have raised the standard of co-parent communication.

But, we will not stop there. We continue to use our hands-on experience and deep-rooted knowledge of the family court system to improve the lives of parents and children. We care about our users and we want to ensure that every family has the tools to succeed.

Our goal is to make co-parenting as simple and worry free as possible.